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Endorsements of Floyd Keith's Professional Services

"I have had the good fortune to have Floyd Keith as my assistant football coach at Miami University, University of Colorado, and Indiana University for a period of eighteen years. He was an excellent coach who had a great impact on our players. Floyd is a "people person" who motivates with a good positive approach. He is a very sincere individual with common sense. Floyd has a broad background from coaching, public speaking and administration. He would bring a lot to the table. I highly recommend Floyd Keith.

Coach Bill Mallory, Former head football coach Miami University, University of Colorado,

Northern Illinois and Indiana University (Deceased)

"Floyd's leadership has truly strengthened intercollegiate athletics. He has lead the fight for fairness and equality. Thanks to Floyd Keith's vision and tenacity I live my dream each and everyday!"

Kevin Anderson, Former Athletics Director, University of Maryland

"Floyd Keith is a consummate professional who exudes 'Planned Positive Attitude' in every aspect of his life. With decades of practical experience, he analyzes problems and provides solutions in a thoughtful and decisive way which helps his clients achieve their goals. My work with Floyd spans more than fifteen years, and he remains a trusted advisor and colleague."

Dale Neuburger, Director TSE Consulting and former President, Indiana Sports Corp

"Floyd Keith epitomizes a positive attitude. He is a great speaker on a wide variety of issues including diversity and inclusion. He makes people believe in what they cannot see by inspiring them to do more to make this a better world. I have seen so many say, 'I want to play for Floyd' even though he has not coached for over 14 years. I want to be one of his players!"

Dr. Richard Lapchick, DeVos Chair of the Sports Business Management program at the University of Central Florida

"In my humble view, Floyd, is an exceptionally talented professional that has displayed unparalleled work ethic, and unwavering integrity. Moreover, Floyd is very bright, engaging, and has just the 'right' values for consulting on diversity, coaching, staff development and motivational speaking."

Dr. Kevin White, Retired Vice President and Director of Athletics, Duke University

"Floyd Keith did an outstanding job with the BCA. Under his leadership, BCA took giant steps forward and legitimized the organization, advocated for the constituency and created a strong voice of reason and fairness. I commend Floyd for his service."

Jim Caldwell, Former NFL head football coach

Floyd Keith is one of the most dynamic professionals who brings positivity and professionalism in everything he does. He has opened doors and inspired thousands of coaches to pursue their dreams and stand for what is right. Floyd's energy will uplift a room and help shift the culture in a positive direction."

Felicia Hall Allen, CEO Felicia Hall Allen & Associates

"Floyd Keith has the experience to be helpful to many people and organizations related to college athletics." 

Gene Corrigan, retired NCAA Athletic Director and Commissioner

"I have had the opportunity to work with Floyd over the last 10 years. He cares about our youth, diversity and our country. He has a lot to share with folks and I highly recommend him.

DeLoss Dodds, past Athletic Director, University of Texas

"Floyd Keith is one of the biggest supporters of both diversity and inclusion in intercollegiate athletics. My minority head coaches and administrators received their intercollegiate opportunity largely due to the hard work, dedication and commitment of Mr. Keith. I know he will do a super job as a national level consultant and will continue to assist many coaches and administrators on their journey through intercollegiate athletics." 

Eugene Marshall, Athletic Director, Hampton University

"Intelligence?Experience? Reason? Decisiveness? Leadership? Floyd Keith has a proven trackrecord in all of those areas, and more. I'm proud to be among the legions thatCoach Keith has helped in his career…you could easily be next if you get toknow, and work with this man for "all seasons!"

Charles Davis, lead analyst Fox College Football, analyst NFL Network

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