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PPA Diversity Education Workshops

The goal of our workshops is to increase personal awareness and knowledge of social justice and:

  • Build a better foundation for communicating with others from different backgrounds

  • Provide a safe and educational environment that encourages respect, responsibility, and understanding of others

  • Creates an environment where topics of diversity and inclusion can be discussed openly with a high level of comfort

Social Justice Knowledge

  • Terms of Diversity

  • Equality vs Equity

  • Diversity vs Inclusion

  • The Power of Language & Symbols

  • Intersectionality & Privilege



  • Unconscious Bias

  • "The Bystander Approach"

  • Equitable Hiring Process

  • Gender Equity


Systemic Racism

  • Microaggressions

  • Allyship

  • Justice

  • Anti-racism


Program Pricing

PPA has established pricing guidelines that will meet the needs of all members of organizational, educational and non-profit entities.  Workshops are priced on an hourly/1 topic rate; or by a specific unit rate inclusing 4 subjects.

Parallel Lines

Diversity Education Programming Prices

  • 1 Hour/1 Topic: $200-$150

  • 4 Hour/1 Unit: $650-$500

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