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"Floyd Keith is a consummate professional who exudes 'Planned Positive Attitude' in very aspect of his life. With decades of practical experience, he analyzes problems and provides solutions in a thoughtful and decisive way which helps his clients achieve their goals. My work with Floyd spans more than fifteen years, and he remains a trusted advisor and colleague."

Dale Neuburger, Director TSE Consulting and former president Indiana Sports Corporation

"Floyd Keith epitomizes a positive attitude. He is great speaker on a wide variety of issues including diversity and inclusion. He makes people believe in what they cannot see by inspiring them to do more to make this a better world. I have seen so many say, 'I want to play for Floyd' even though he has not coached for over 14 years. I want to be one of his players!"

Dr. Richard Lapchick, De Vos Chair of the Sports Business Management program at the University of Central Florida

"PLANNED POSITIVE ATTITUDE" has provided a pathway for the life journey of Floyd A. Keith, the Chief Executive Officer of PPA Professional Services. "Planned Positive Attitude" has been the recipe for achieving success in all aspects of his personal and professional life. This formula has been the life long creation of the coach, director, husband, father and mentor, Floyd Keith. The components of this dynamic and inspiring development plan are the following:

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