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"Floyd Keith is one of the most dynamic professionals who brings positivity and professionalism in everything he does. He has opened doors and inspired thousands of coaches to pursue their dreams and stand for what is right. Floyd's energy will uplift a room and help shift the culture in a positive direction." 

Felicia Hall Allen, CEO Felicia Hall Allen & Associates

"I have known Floyd Keith for many years as both a working professional and friend. PPA Services brings to its clients all of Floyd's professional strengths, knowledge and experiences...His attention to detail, passion and positive attitude will provide all PPA clientele with an excellent service and support."

Merritt J. Norvell, Jr. PhD; Executive VP, DHR International

Services provided by PPA Professional Services

PPA provides services in motivational speaking and professional development. Packages can be designed for a variety of budgets. Motivational speaking and professional development content is described below. Please contact PPA directly for more information on these and other services.

Motivational Speaker.

Floyd is a powerful motivational speaker who will provide informative and captivating content and relevant messages. Most requested topics are "Planned Positive Attitude"; "Four Axioms of Life", "Do Right and Fear Nobody"; "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Today"; "Stand Up for Justice"; "Social Justice Knowledge"; "Understanding Bias"; "What is Systemic Racism?"; "The Intercultural Development Continuum".

Professional Development and Executive Coaching

PPA Professional Services provides a specific career advancement program for leadership in athletics and business.. Instruction is inclusive of all aspects of leadership.. Consultation in the areas of career planning, communication and media relations, networking, staff organization, balancing work and family, strategic planning and achieving coaching excellence.

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Diversity Education:  Goal of our workshops is to increase personal awareness and knowledge of social justice and

  • Build a better foundation for communicating with others from different backgrounds

  • Provide a safe and educational environment that encourages respect, responsibility and understanding of others.

  • Create an environment where topics of diversity and inclusion can be discussed openly with a high level of comfort, both during and after presentations 

Intercultural Development Inventory Assessment:

Intercultural competence is a critical component to team performance. Strengthen your organization/and improve group outcomes by registering for this unique educational experience. The IDI is a cross-culturally valid and reliable assessment based on a comprehensive model of intercultural competence. The assessment generates custom group and individual reports and provides development plans for participants.  Floyd Keith is a Qualified Administrator.

"A Service with a planned positive vision for YOUR future."

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