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Intercultural Development Inventory Assessment Program

Intercultural competence is critical to team and organizational performance. As a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI). PPA Professional Services can deliver this service to you.  The IDI is a cross-culturally valid and reliable assessment based on a comprehensive model of intercultural competence. The assessment generates custom group and individual profile reports and provides Intercultural Development Plans (IDP0 for each participant.

The IDI can be effectively administred to a wide variety of people. Use of the IDI is not limited to only one cultural group.  The IDI is an effective and valid assessment tool across a wide range of culturally diverse groups, including different national cultures, different ethnic groups within a larger national context and other cultural groups, such as those related to social status, gender and age.


The IDI Individual Profile Report provides useful feedback to each individual about how they engage cultural diversity and identifies issues that may be impeding them from bridging more effectively across cultural differences.



The IDI Group Profile Report identifies a group/teams primary way of engaging cultural diversity and is used for designing training efforts that target the intercultural competence development needs of the group/team.



The IDI can provide a snapshot of the degree of intercultural competence within an organization or education institution.  The IDI organization -wide profile results can also provide guidance for policy, practices, structural changes, and training design templates.



PPA Services has established pricing guidelines that will meet the needs of all members of organizational, educational and non-profit entities.

IDI Assessment Programming is based on an organizational, organizational non-profit and educational basis.  Pricing includes an individual facilitation fee and a group report fee. 

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