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PPA Executive Coaching Program 

The objective of the PPA Executive Coaching service is to enhance and enable the client to realize their professional skills necessary to advance professionally.


1. Procedures


A. Determine the scope of the specific and personalized program via results of a complimentary personal assessment program

a. Prioritize personal areas and topics for the development program content

b. Perform a self-analysis of the specific life and professional skill area(s) desired (CONFIDENTIAL)

c. Finalize the content and programming of the professional development sessions


B. Method of communication

a. Use of  Zoom and/or TEAMS virtual meetings and phone communication would be the primary method of communication.  

b. In-person meeting: If desired, a client may request an in-person meeting. All travel expenses (travel/lodging) of PPA Professional Services would be at the expense of the client if this is requested.

2. Program Planning and Implementation

A. Establishment and execution of a monthly-2 session meeting schedule. Suggested to be within the first two weeks and last two weeks of each month.

B. Program content will be selected (but not limited to) from the following areas based upon the findings of the PPA Personal Assessment findings. Refer to this chart for a general list of topics and sessions:

3. Support and follow-up: Follow-up is provided within 30 days following the conclusion of the program and is free of charge.


This program will require a personal commitment in order to provide a “SERVICE with a planned positive vision for YOUR future”. Ultimate success is highly dependent on mutual efforts. To help achieve a rewarding and successful experience, it will be the client’s responsibility to:

1. Outline and articulate the specifics of their desired outcomes and needs

2. Complete the program forms and self-analysis data (strictly confidential)

3. Maintain a mutually agreed upon schedule and timeline to the best of their ability

4. To work enthusiastically to develop a “Planned Positive Attitude”


At the conclusion of this program, my client(s) will receive the following benefits:

1. The creation of a personal game plan of achievement for their desired target area(s)

2. The ability to control their mind and master their emotions

3. Self-motivation

4. Success and achieving will become a habit


PPA’s proposed fee for service starts at $100 per hour. Depending upon which development plan is selected, the over-all cost for service could range from a minimum of $600 (6 sessions over 3 months) up to $2,000 (24 sessions for 1 year). Payment for services can be divided into 3 installments. 50% due upon the signing of the agreement; 25% due following the conclusion of the first 1/3 of the program, and the final 25% at the conclusion of 2/3 of the selected program. The following chart will illustrate the four programs offered for consideration:

The initial consultation and self-analysis portions of the program are complimentary. Travel and business related expenses would be an additional expense (travel + lodging) to be paid by the client. The execution of the program would be conducted either by Zoom or "TEAMS" virtual online services. Follow-up is provided within 30 days following the conclusion of the provided service.  All supporting materials provided for presentation(s) would be at the expense of PPA.  

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